As Nações Unidas e o Dilema do Poder no Feminino

“In an era in which there is so much talk around issues of parity — something that United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres proposed to defend and advance still during his first mandate — and around the representation and participation of women in politics, the world is yet to take the…

Intervention on Portuguese newspaper “Público”’s Podcast.

The European Union institutions are preparing for the Conference on the Future of Europe, a forum aimed at listening to European citizens to understand whether or not Europe is on the right track and which measures could be improved to make it more democratic and to better serve the…

Dia Mundial da Saúde Mental: uma Reflexão de uma Millenial

In such a rush to live, we have no time to be sick: A (late) reflection on the Burnout Society on World Mental Health Day.

Yesterday I started my day by trying to write an article for LinkedIn about what I did between 2019 and now. For a long time…

(O Meu) Diário da Quarentena

“At first, I did not want to come home…”

One of these mornings I received an e-mail reminder: “Your flight back to Brussels is tomorrow”… but the truth is it is not anymore. In a month, everything changed: I moved back to Portugal (leaving half of my life behind me)…

O Mito do Erasmus Perfeito

A BRIEF INTRODUCTION | Written on May 9, 2019

Let’s talk about European taboos on Europe Day? 🇪🇺

All those who surround me know that I am the biggest supporter but also the biggest critic of the Erasmus+ Studies programme: from recognizing that it is an experience that makes us feel more European and that we belong to something…

“A Europa significa tudo o que conheço!”


They were born community citizens. They believe in and share the values of the European Union, they are activists for the cause. And they wish to remain so, exercising civic participation instead of political activity. Four Portuguese young people talk about what brings them together: Europe.


Catarina Neves

Portuguese with a passion for all things youth, European and global. Somewhere in Europe studying or working on ENP, the Mediterranean and the UN.

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